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European Politics Online Workshop (EPOW) - Shared screen with speaker view
Seth Jolly
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Oktay, Sibel
Great work! Two questions: (1) Why do you think ‘cooperation on common currency’ has a bigger size than ‘cooperation on common defense’ especially given the treatment is a national security threat? Also, I’m confused as to how you were able to include country and time FE when the key treatment variables are measured at the level of country (high/low threat), and years (pre/post-invasion).
Catherine De Vries
I also have question about null effect on lower identity
Very interesting presentation! I am currently working on a paper using nationally representative data from Latvia -- we focus on threat perception from Russia (while using an IR framework) -- and we find that Russophones and Latvians hold diametrically different views; and we find that regional dimensions matter much -- and, counterintivelly, folks living closer to Russia have less of a threat perception with regards to Russia. I wonder if some of this may be relevant for your research as well?
Philip Warncke
Hi! My question is also about the fixed effects in the last model: What else might be going on if the regressors and fixed effects only account for 7% of the variance in the DV?
Tal Sadeh
I have an idea about the noise.
Seth Jolly
The paper is online at europow.com
Seth Jolly
Kai Gehring
Thank you so much to all!
Tal Sadeh
so don't hang up