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Economics, Inclusive Capitalism, and Democracy (Advanced Seminar 1)
According to Professor Robert Ashford, in the time needed to read this flier and attend an advanced Seminar on Inclusive Capitalism, the wealthiest 1% of the people will acquire (while they sleep) more capital with the earnings of capital than most people will earn in their lifetimes no matter how hard, long, and smart they work.

Much of this capital will be routinely acquired with the future earnings of capital by well‐established techniques of corporate finance that enrich people roughly in proportion to their existing wealth.

Without government redistribution, subsidy, or command. based on his approach to “inclusive capitalism,” Professor Ashford will explain how the same market techniques mcan be opened to voluntarily enable poor and middle‐class people to also acquire capital with the future earnings of capital, but in ways not limited to their pre‐existing wealth.

The predicted consequences of the voluntary implementation of the ownership-broadening techniques of inclusive capitalism include (1) enhanced, sustainable earning capacity for poor and middle-class people, (2) reduced welfare dependence, (3) enhanced (a) environmental sustainability, (b) corporate profitability, (c) technological innovation, (d) retirement security, (e) national security, and (4) a more robust and less polarized democracy.

A growing number of professors of economics have characterized “Robert Ashford’s ground-breaking work on Inclusive Capitalism ... [as] the most important contribution to economic theory in many decades: an idea with many practical, beneficial policy implications….”

Professor of African American Studies and Director of the Renée Crown Syracuse University Honors Program Danielle Smith wrote: that the teaching of inclusive capitalism will “help not only students but also teachers to achieve a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of capitalist economies and how they can be beneficially reformed to be more inclusive.”

Oct 15, 2021 02:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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